We are Mental Health Content Curators

Mindwise Project is a nonprofit organization improving access to mental health resources in Trinidad and Tobago. They are health advocates who enhance public awareness through educational content creation, information curation and distribution.

Support FindCareTT.com

FindCareTT.com is the National Mental Health and Psycho Social Support (MHPSS) Directory of Services of Trinidad and Tobago. 

As part of our responsibilities as the developer of FindCareTT.com, Mindwise is seeking support for the continued expansion and development of this project.

Please visit our project page to learn more about it and how you can support.

UN Civil Society Partners

We are happy to be part of a Civil Society Partnership initiated by the United Nations Trinidad and Tobago and coordinated by UNIC Trinidad and Tobago.

World Mental Health Day Trinidad and Tobago

We are proud to support the work of the Mental Health Unit of the Ministry of Health as they work to bring together partners and stakeholders each year at our local celebration of World Mental Health day.

Mental Health in the Corporate Community

We have been privileged to speak on Positive Mental Health and Mindfulness in the corporate community with partners such as Planting Seeds inviting us to speak at events such as TIC 2018.

Building Sustainable Minds

Mindwise Project launched a video series called Building Sustainable Minds with the United Nations in 2017.

The series features leaders in Trinidad and Tobago Mental Health who speak within the context of local communities.

Stay tuned as more episodes are released and we expand the series.

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We are interested in partnering with organizations both private and public or recruiting anyone who is passionate about this cause to our team. If you would like to work with us on a project, or apply to join our team, send us a message at info@mindwisett.org. We look forward to having that conversation.

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