What We Do

The problem


Trinidad and Tobago, much like many other Commonwealth and developing nations, struggles with the failure to accept the importance of mental health in the quality of our lives and the health of our society on multiple economic and socio-cultural levels.


While we wait for the undergoing reform in the Mental Health Care System, the increasing frequency of mental health crisis and tragedy is accumulating into a growing demand for information and services from the public.


It is our goal to build a digital eco-system of knowledge sharing.


This is not something we can do alone, we are hoping to foster the growth of a community of mental health professionals and supporting agencies – forming an ecosystem for the improvement of mental health services and access to those services. Along with the support of our partners, we hope to accomplish this by the end of 2021.


All of our assets that we develop will be part of a data collection exercise which we hope will serve international and local agencies in the examination of how to improve the digital and social approach to this problem. Whether we succeed or fail depends on the successful implementation of the assets we work on and their distribution to the necessary persons, institutions and communities.


Leave Noone Behind- keeping it local


Sustainable and meaningful asset development is the underlying vision behind this project. We want our work to matter to the people of Trinidad and Tobago, focusing on their real issues and core obstacles with mental health challenges. We want our work to be sustainable and scalable – something that will benefit all the stakeholders, and include them in the continued expansion of these ideas.


We welcome any organization, entity or group that wants to join in this project…we are content curators and community developers.


Our Mission


Our mission is to foster a sustainable positive impact on the intra and interpersonal, community, and systemic factors of mental health in Trinidad and Tobago.


Our Goals are to:

    • Dispel the stigma of Mental Illness
    • Improve community access to quality mental health care
    • Equip society with meaningful and effective ways to cope with mental health issues
    • Expand and enhance mental health resources and their access that will support our community.
    • Produce reliable and valid data that have measurable impact that is culturally relevant and specific to our local context