Building Sustainable Minds Video Series

Building Sustainable Minds Video Series


Mindwise Project launched the video series Building Sustainable Minds with the support of the United Nations in 2017. The series features local leaders in mental health who provide insight on matters of mental health relevant and contextual to local communities. These leaders explore current challenges facing our country such as violence and intergenerational trauma; suicide; and workplace mental health.  

We named the series Building Sustainable Minds because it is one of our actions as a Civil Society Partner of the United Nations, in pursuit of the Global Goals 2030, in particular Global Goal 3. 

This series reveals insights into the local landscape of mental health through the experiences of local mental health professionals whose fingers touch the pulse of our reality here in Trinidad and Tobago.  These insights will highlight observations and trends mostly unmeasured and undocumented currently, and also help illustrate pathways to support that are also currently unmapped. 

In 2021 as the National Mental Health System is decentralized, Building Sustainable Minds will continue as a journalism series and platform that expands the knowledgebase of local mental health issues, community interventions, analysing and presenting pathways to care for the public. 

First episode : Mental Health in the Workplace with Dr. Natalie Humphrey