Who We Are

We are a group of creative and mental health professionals brought together by a desire to create and curate content that will help improve transform the local mental health situation. We are full of passion and commitment to our cause and believe that together, with fellow stakeholders and leaders, we can make a difference.

Stacey Camacho

Director of Mental Health Affairs

Stacey Camacho A.A, B.A., M.S, M.A., has a master’s degree in Psychotherapy and a master’s degree in Buddhist Psychology and Contemplative Psychotherapy from American Psychology Association accredited universities in the United States. For fourteen years following graduate school where she took park in volunteer work and internships, working with clients of various ages and from a wide range of backgrounds, she continued her career in Miami and then Trinidad providing individual, family, and group counselling gaining experience while treating clients with trauma, depression/anxiety, attachment issues, and substance abuse.

Working in the trenches of the social system of Trinidad and volunteering around the world gave her an invaluable perspective on the many faces of suffering, and the need to connect to something other than pathology. She then decided to advance her career due to the yearning to work deeper and more effectively with her clients and the community at large.

She has broad clinical experience with over 18 years of experience practicing psychotherapy in various countries and in various settings. She also teaches yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes.


Maria O'Brien

Director of Digital Development

Maria O’Brien is a lifelong volunteer.  She currently holds positions as a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador and local Google Developer Groups Community Organizer, and MindWise’s UN Civil Society Partnership Representative, with a broad background in digital design and digital solutions consultancy gathered over 20 years of practice. She currently serves as the Lead Digital Designer at the Office of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago; Co-Director of MindWise Project- a mental health non profit focused on digital content creation and curation; and is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Design Change, a social change design firm selectively disrupting systems through targeted social innovation and sustainable development projects.

Through her roles, there is a focus on the Global Goals and the 2030 campaign. She hopes to contribute to the growth of a strong techmaker community in Trinidad and Tobago, alongside advocating for and contributing meaningfully to better mental health and women’s rights, gender equality, non violence and human rights movements.


Arnaldo James

Director | Chief Operations Officer

Honouring the ingenuity and resistance of Black peoples in a world-structure actively pursuing their exploitation, Arnaldo James works towards equity and prosperity. Centring sustainability and feminism in his endeavours, he organises safe spaces for collaboration and community building. A graduate of the University of the West Indies and Cardiff Metropolitan University, James is a graphic and product designer, photographer, project strategist and curator from Trinidad and Tobago.

For several years, James has freelanced as a graphic designer developing material for institutions like the Trinidad and Tobago Theatre Workshop and his alma mater the University of the West Indies. In education, his work includes volunteer mentorship in English literacy, in addition to various subjects in digital media with a notable focus on communication design and digital photography. James’ photographic works have exhibited within and outside of the Caribbean including commercial content for enterprises such as the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and The Cloth Caribbean.

The major project, of his MSc Advanced Product Design, drew from his passion for imaging, where he developed marker clusters used with optical motion capture systems. Those marker clusters provide the Cardiff School of Sport with improved data collection accuracy, reduced expense and an eco-effective research tool.

He oversees art, film and new media collaborations, and leads the design of events and experiences for the nonprofit MindWise Project, a collective of mental health professionals, content creators and curators improving access to mental health resources.


Rhonda Chan Soo

Director | Creative Director

Rhonda Chan Soo is a documentary filmmaker and film producer with a focus on social issues, environment and culture. She received a Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking from the Documentary Film Program at Wake Forest University in 2013, and has been working in the local film industry since 2014.

Two of her local short documentaries have received critical acclaim, picking up awards for the best T&T documentary short at the trinidad + tobago film festival (2015), as well as the jury award at Green Screen (2016). She worked as co-producer on the feature-length narrative film, Moving Parts, a story of human trafficking and human smuggling set in a Chinese restaurant in Trinidad, which was released in late 2017. Rhonda is working to produce a range of nonfiction film and TV content, focusing on mental health, environmental education and cultural identity.

She currently runs Bird’s Eye View Productions and recently produced the acclaimed film, Nearest Neigbours, a documentary exploring the Venezuelan refugee crisis as experienced by venezuelan immigrant families here in Trinidad and Tobago where they have sought refuge.


Elysse Marcellin

Director of Research

Elysse Marcelin M.Sc, B.Sc, brings to her role over 6 years research experience and 2-3 years of experience in activism and advocacy. She has developed expertise in research design and practice; idea generation and conceptualization for projects and advocacy initiatives. To date, she has also worked on two nation wide research surveys, and provided technical expertise on smaller projects. She has also successfully strategized, co-organized and hosted several awareness campaigns.

Her long term career goal is in mental health and the development of a local research and clinical institute for local research. She currently serves on the boards of Womantra and CAISO.


Alyssa Khan

Co-Lead DigitaL

Alyssa Khan has a Master of Public Health degree from the George Washington University (GWU), as well as a Bachelor’s degree from the Johns Hopkins (JH) University where she majored in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Molecular & Cellular Biology. She has engaged in research related to mental health for over four years, in the capacity of a research assistant at the JH Center for Mind-Body Research and the GWU’s Global Mental Health Lab. From 2017- 2018, she joined the Ministry of Health of Trinidad and Tobago as an Associate Professional, where she gained experience in the development and implementation of national policies and programmes.

In pursuit of global health experiences related to mental health, she also completed an internship at the Mental Health Unit of the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization in 2019. In the long term, she hopes to apply her public health skills and knowledge to improve population mental health.