2023 Cohort Closed

Mindwise Project has selected its 2023 COHORT for the First Citizens Sustainable Minds Volunteer Programme being executed in partnership with Google Women Techmakers and UWI St. Augustine Campus.  View Projects

We will reopen applications for this programme next year April.

About the programme

The Inaugural First Citizens Sustainable Minds Volunteer Programme is a recurring student content development initiative where students support the content creation and curation i.e. collecting; analysing; visualising information and content that helps tell the story of Trinidad and Tobago’s mental health environment and nurture paths to mental health solutions. 


Mindwise Project and Google Women Techmakers Trinidad & Tobago will work with students from the University of the West Indies to collaborate on mental health digital innovation, content curation and research meanwhile training them in critical professional skills for the modern workplace including Mental Health Skills, Diversity and Inclusion, Online Safety practices and Virtual Event Production.


Youth Empowerment: Nothing for Us, without Us


We believe that the future of our initiatives lies in the hands of young people. As Mindwise continues to work with our partners, we know that young people need to play a critical role in the solutions that are being designed for their futures. We hope to identify potential long-term recruits for the work of Mindwise Project. 


Suicide Prevention


Suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth age 15-24.

Suicide Prevention is one of our major actions at Mindwise, we hope to empower the at risk group of young adults with knowledge about mental health. With young people gaining access to know-how, treatment and support they are better equipped to share with their community and ultimately save lives.


Some areas of internship

  • Data Analytics and Visualization – youth substance abuse trends, domestic violence, suicide
  • Validation and Verification Support with FindCareTT.com and other digital solutions
  • Solutions and content research (resources: apps, websites, forums and videos)
  • Feedback and Innovation Discussion – How can we make it better?
  • Data Analytics
  • Research and Development – student led R&D interests
  • Virtual Event Production and Storytelling



FindCareTT.com is the National Mental Health and Psycho Social Support (MHPSS) Directory of Trinidad and Tobago, launched in January 2021 by the MHPSS Technical Working Group, it is coordinated by the Ministry of Health and PAHO-WHO Trinidad and Tobago. Mindwise Project is the operator and manager of the platform in support of its National Distribution through the MHPSS network. 

The activities of FindCareTT.com and the MHPSS Network is a notable milestone in the development of collective action. Within the professional health system, this fosters increased trust, informed referrals and direct connections.  It is a digital solution that we hope to expand throughout the region with current and future partners in the region and globally.


Building Sustainable Minds

Mindwise Project launched the video series Building Sustainable Minds with the support of the United Nations in 2017. The series features local leaders in mental health who provide insight on matters of mental health relevant and contextual to local communities. These leaders explore current challenges facing our country such as violence and intergenerational trauma; suicide; and workplace mental health.  

We named the series Building Sustainable Minds because it is one of our actions as a Civil Society Partner of the United Nations, in pursuit of the Global Goals 2030, in particular Global Goal 3. 

This series reveals insights into the local landscape of mental health through the experiences of local mental health professionals whose fingers touch the pulse of our reality here in Trinidad and Tobago.  These insights will highlight observations and trends mostly unmeasured and undocumented currently, and also help illustrate pathways to support that are also currently unmapped. 

In 2021 as the National Mental Health System is decentralized, Building Sustainable Minds will continue as a journalism series and platform that expands the knowledgebase of local mental health issues, community interventions, analysing and presenting pathways to care for the public. 


Data Visualisation 

From inception, Mindwise Project released annual suicide statistics with visualisations that help connect the local community to our local story of suicide. Since this action started, we have built a partnership with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and other data providers, with the aim of expanding publicly available data which can inform the local mental health responses for the benefit of all.  

Mindwise Project plans to deliver a Suicide Prevention National Digital Platform.

What will you learn?

  • Training in:
    • Good Mental Health practices
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Anger Management
    • Stress Reduction 
    • Coordinating, Strategising and Programming
    • Gender-Based Violence elimination training
    • Online Safety training for vulnerable populations
    • Diversity and Inclusion training
    • Mindfulness Strategies/Meditation
    • Caretaker Burnout prevention training
  • Data Analysis and Visualization 
  • Information Curation & Design
  • Digital Development Application
  • Introduction to the National Framework for MHPSS delivery
  • Creative Production – Writing articles, photography, videography
  • Virtual Event Planning & Design