About FindCareTT.com

FindCareTT.com is the National Mental Health and Psycho Social Support (MHPSS) Directory of Services of Trinidad and Tobago. It was developed by Mindwise Project to serve the Technical Working Group of the MHPSS Network and the wider network, to help increase accessibility to mental health crisis and emergency resources and services in Trinidad and Tobago to the public.

Findcarett.com is the Directory of MHPSS Services delivered by the Technical Working Group of the Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support Network of Trinidad and Tobago which was activated in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The Directory was developed by Technical Working Group member, Mindwise Project, fulfilling one of the objectives of the plan for the group.


The leads on this development project are: Maria O’Brien, Alyssa Khan and Elysse Marcellin

FindCareTT.com and the MHPSS Network and its activities is most certainly a notable milestone in the development and expansion of collective action that can only serve to foster increased trust, more informed referrals and also, direct connections within the professional system of service providers.  It is a digital milestone, that we hope to support expanding throughout the region through our strategic partners. 


At Mindwise, we are very excited, to find ourselves at the heart of such a digital intervention for our region.


This collective knowledge harnessing and participation by each service provider that is listed on the directory, reflects the commitment and willingness to work together, on a resource that belongs to us all.


As the MHPSS network grows, this knowledge will grow. And with such strong founding members, who trust eachother and believe in the work we are all doing, its future is very bright. 

Development Team


Maria OBrien

Project Lead / UX Design

Alyssa Khan

Digital Co-Lead/ Logistics

Elysse Marcellin

Research Design

Michael Latman

Senior Developer

Aritra Dalal

System Security

How to Support

To donate to our development project, supporters can direct deposit any amount to the following account:

Bank: Republic Bank Limited

Account Number: 1508 1586 3901

Additional options for donation will be added soon.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this national project.

Access for All

Mindwise Project, led by Maria OBrien, Arnaldo James, Stacey Camacho, Rhonda Chan Soo and Elysse Marcellin, is passionately dedicated to leveraging technology and creativity to improve accessibility to mental health services and creating educational content. We care deeply about what is happening here in our country…and want to help. 


In 2020, our country and the world was faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic crisis, calling to arms all activists and changemakers, to innovate and act in whatever way we could, to alleviate this multi level emergency falling on our people. 


Mindwise answered the call through our digital activism, also by accepting an invitation from the Ministry of Health to join the Technical Working Group-Coordinating entity for the Mental Health and Psycho Social Support (MHPSS) Network of Trinidad and Tobago.